They are going to punt the ball down the road

This is another great mashup from a political pundit, this time heard on MSNBC.  It is a mix of “punt” (improvise or do something in a pinch) and “kick the can down the road” (to postpone or defer a definitive action).  So maybe they improvise while they delay?  A tip of the hat to Jim Kozlowski for hearing this one.


The White House is lying its teeth off

This was heard on the Rachel Maddow Show from Astajuan Subasang of the Daily Beast, who was talking about Gorka leaving the Trump Administration: “…the White House is lying its teeth off.”  This is a nice mashup of “lying through your teeth” (telling someone something that you know is completely false) and “lying your ass off” (lie continually).  I suppose if you can lie your ass off it is not hard to think you can do the same with your teeth.  A big thanks to Frank King who heard this one and passed it on!

Crazy as a three dollar bill

This one was uttered by J.C. Watts on the MTP (Meet the Press) Daily show on MSNBC.  It is a nice mash up of “crazy as a loon” (insane) and “phony (or queer) as a three dollar bill” (bogus).

I suppose a three dollar bill is pretty crazy, but those loons definitely are the craziest.  Of course, pileated woodpeckers sound daffy as well.  A big thanks to Chief Malaphor Hunter (CMH) Mike Kovacs for hearing this one and immediately recording it.


McCain beats to his own drum

Robert Traynham said this one on MSNBC discussing McCain’s vote on the health care bill.  It is a subtle mash up of “march to the beat of his own drum” and I think “he is his own man”, both meaning someone who does things that don’t conform to the standard or prevalent norm.  A shout out to Susie and Andy Wakshul for hearing this one.

Spiraling downhill

Is there such a thing as a dyslexic malaphor?  “Spiraling downhill” might be one.  It was said on MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren’s show, referring to Trump’s leaking of classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office.  I believe it is a mashup of “spiraling down” and “going downhill”, both meaning something going out of control and getting worse.  There is also “downward spiral”, also meaning a situation getting worse.  If I keep thinking about this one, I will be spiraling downhill so my analysis now ends.  A tip of the hat to Mike Kovacs for hearing this one!


There’s a lot of mending bridges going on

This great malaphor was spoken by Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post on the t.v. show With All Due Respect, discussing the possibility of Romney becoming Secretary of State.  It is a mash up of “building bridges” (to increase understanding between different people or groups) and “mending fences” (to repair relationships).  Interestingly, I ran across an article by the travel guy Rick Steves entitled “Mending Bridges in Mostar”, a wonderful story about the healing in a small town in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Here is the link:   I think it’s worth a read considering the turmoil between religions and cultures that exist throughout the world today.  A big thanks to Sam Edelmann who heard this one and passed it on!

Hillary Clinton is in the process of refudiating everything that Mr. Trump says

This nice word blend malaphor was uttered by Sean Jackson, chairman of the Florida Black Republican Caucus and Trump supporter, on MSNBC’s Hardball.  Mr. Jackson stated, “Hillary Clinton is in the process of refudiating everything that Mr. Trump says by trying to make him out to be the bigot.” See

This is a mash up of “repudiating” (rejecting the validity or authority) and “refuting” (proving or saying that something is not true).   Word blend malaphors are an interesting subset of idiom blend malaphors.  There are quite a few posted on this website.  A shout out to Sam Edelmann who heard this one and passed it on!

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