All of the enchiladas were placed on the table

Discussing the unfairness of the Iowa Caucuses, former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele on MSNBC uttered this malaphor.  It is a mashup of “the whole enchilada” (everything) and “lay (one’s) cards on the table” (to be very candid about one’s position).  My guess is that the speaker was hungry.  A big thanks to Ron MacDonald for hearing this one and sending it in.


I want to go on the table

The speaker, Trey Compton, was wanting to “go on record” but instead uttered this wonderful malaphor, a mash up of “go on record”  (official statement) and “put your cards on the table” (candid statement).  Then again, knowing Trey, maybe he really wanted to go on a table?  Thanks to Trey Compton for sending this one in!

Trey Compton