Buy the Books!

Things Are Not Rosy-Dory:  Malaphors From Politicians and Pundits is now available!  This is a collection of malaphors uttered in the political world, from Democrats to Republicans and from Fox to MSNBC.  Malaphors are not partisan.  You can purchase this page burner for only $8.99 on Amazon at  Just like the last book, this should be in every bathroom available to reading or just perusing.  And I know you like to peruse in the bathroom.



He Smokes Like a Fish and Other Malaphors is still available!  Anyone who enjoys wordplay will love this book.  It is a collection of the best malaphors with many of them illustrated to make this a fun, enjoyable read!  Many of the malaphors you have sent me are in the book, and I have acknowledged each contributor.  You can purchase it for only $7.99 on Amazon at  In the UK,  the link is  In Canada, the link is   You can also purchase the book at Create Space with this link:

The book is a real page burner and my guess is you will read it from front to cover as soon as you get it!  It’s a great bathroom read, and as the saying goes, “a malaphor a day, keeps irregularity away”!  Enjoy!

image 1 He Smokes Like a Fish