Unless it’s razor close

Political pundit David Plouffe on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was talking about voters in swing states, and votes coming in on Election Day. He said that “…unless it’s razor close, we are going to know…” who the winner is on election night. This is a mashup of “razor- thin” (very thin) and “too close to call” (a margin too narrow to make a decision). Both describe narrow measurements. The speaker may have been thinking of his razor giving himself a close shave. Whatever. It’s a great malaphor, and a big thanks to Frank King for hearing it and passing it on.

We haven’t emptied all our cards

This was uttered by Michael Avenatti on the Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC show when he was asked whether there will be any further disclosures regarding Michael Cohen.  It is a mashup of “show (one’s) cards” (to make one’s plans or intentions known) and “empty (something) out” (to remove or pour all of the contents from something).  Revealing and then emptying seems to be what he has done to date, so the malaphor makes sense.  This is not the first malaphor uttered by Michael Avenatti.  Check out some of his other great mashups, like “he folded like a cheap deck of cards”.  A big thanks to Beatrice Zablocki for hearing this one.  She’s a major contributor to this site. She’s the top of the notch!

The President needs to come straight with the American people

This malaphor was uttered by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on the MSNBC show The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  It is a congruent conflation of “come clean” and “be straight” (be honest and straightforward).  Kudos to that Malaphor Hunter Frank King, the Mental Health Comedian.

(Trump) shoots off the cuff

This perfectly formed congruent conflation was uttered by Michael Avenatti on MSNBC (Lawrence O’Donnell).  He was referring to Trump’s call to Fox and Friends.  It is a mashup of “shoots from the hip” and “speaks off the cuff”, both meaning to speak spontaneously and frankly.  “Shoots (one’s) mouth off” (to brag or tell secrets) may also have been in the mix, given the speaker and the subject matter.  Interestingly, this is very similar to another malaphor posted previously,  “(Trump) shoots from the cuff”, spoken by Megyn Kelly.   https://malaphors.com/2015/09/05/trump-shoots-from-the-cuff/

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A big thanks to Frank King who spotted another one.  He is quickly becoming the Frank King of Malaphors.