You’re going to separate the cream from the crop

Sports commentators say the darndest things, and this marvelous mashup was said on an NFL pregame show.  It is a conflation of “the cream of the crop” (the best of a particular group) and “separate the wheat from the chaff” (to separate the good from the inferior).  Because the subject was football, the commentator might also have been thinking of the phrase “separate the men from the boys” (to distinguish the experienced participants from the inexperienced).  Kudos to Jim Kozlowski for hearing this one and sending it in!

I had a sneaking hunch

Publicity photo of American Bandstand host Dic...

Publicity photo of American Bandstand host Dick Clark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This congruent conflation mixes “I had a sneaking suspicion” and “I had a hunch”, both meaning to have a feeling or premonition.  This beauty was found by Laszlo Veres on a You Tube video of an old Dick Clark Bandstand show.  Dick was interviewing the Chordettes (Lollipop) and you can hear the malaphor at 3:21 of the video:

Things roll off my shoulders

I think this is a mash up of “letting things roll off ones back” and “having broad shoulders”, both meaning to accept criticism and not worry.  Shoulder rolls (or shrugs) also may come into play.  A tip of the toque to Sam Edelmann for hearing  and sharing this one.

That’s on the top of my mind

This is a mash up of “off the top of my head” (saying something without putting much thought in it)  and “on my mind” (currently being thought of).  Thanks to Katie Hatfield for sending me this one!

the last straw in the coffin

This is a mash up of “the last straw” and “another nail in the coffin” (both meaning the final problem that will lead to a collapse or end).   I saw this one on, which is a website about Jamaican issues:

“All respect to Trinidad, but they own more of the country’s assets than we do, selling them Air Jamaica will now be the last straw in the coffin.”

I AM the malaphor king, mon.