You nailed that right on the head

This one comes to us courtesy of CBS Sports.   Mike Carey, the “CBS Officiating Expert” on the NFL, said this beauty during the Denver-Kansas City game.  This is a congruent conflation of  “hit the nail on the head”  and “nailed it”, both meaning to do exactly the right thing.  This is a particular good one, as it is subtle and combines phrases with the same meaning.  Some of the confusion lies in the visual of hammering a nail on its head.   It is similar to “You hit it right on the nail”, reported on 8/29/12 in this website.  A big thank you to Mike Kovacs for reporting this one!


the last straw in the coffin

This is a mash up of “the last straw” and “another nail in the coffin” (both meaning the final problem that will lead to a collapse or end).   I saw this one on, which is a website about Jamaican issues:

“All respect to Trinidad, but they own more of the country’s assets than we do, selling them Air Jamaica will now be the last straw in the coffin.”

I AM the malaphor king, mon.