Let’s roll up our hands and all get together

Howard Fineman on the tv show “Hardball” said a few days ago that Congress’s attitude will not be “let’s roll up our hands and let’s all get together” on various issues.  This is an amusing mixture of several thoughts, including “roll up our sleeves” (prepare for hard work), “get your hands dirty” (involve yourself in all parts of a job), and “joining hands” (working together), the latter sort of a “kumbaya” approach to working.  Rolling up one’s hands is similar to the Master’s wonderful malaphor, “Let’s roll up our elbows and get to work!” (see posting dated 7/30/12).  Many thanks to “my ol’ pal” for spotting this one and sending it in!

Things roll off my shoulders

I think this is a mash up of “letting things roll off ones back” and “having broad shoulders”, both meaning to accept criticism and not worry.  Shoulder rolls (or shrugs) also may come into play.  A tip of the toque to Sam Edelmann for hearing  and sharing this one.