We need to get our ducks together

This nice congruent conflation is a mash up of “get our ducks in a row” and “get our shit together”, both meaning to get organized.   This beauty was uttered by the Mistress of Malaphors, Naomi David.  Thanks again Naomi!

When all the balls are in line

Christopher Dolan, the California lawyer who is representing the McMath family who has a brain dead daughter, said regarding litigation against the hospital,  “What we needed to know is that when all the balls are in line that we could move quickly and not have to then have any impediments.”  This is a mash up of “ducks in a row” and “fall in line”, both meaning to have things properly organized.  “Stars aligned” might also be in the mix as that phrase also means things happen in an organized way and also line rhymes with aligned.   Also “many balls in the air” might be at play since the speaker used the word balls and was referring to many things happening, although not at once.  Thanks to Ron Marks for sending this one in!


She needs to get her ducks in order

Cropped headshot of Matt Lauer

Cropped headshot of Matt Lauer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Lauer  uttered this malaphor last week on the Today show.   He said that the winner of the MegaMillions lottery “needs to get her ducks in order”, a mash up of “ducks in a row” and “house in order”, both meaning to get organized.   This congruent conflation is probably commonly said,  as ducks walk in an orderly fashion and also in a row, both conjuring up the same image.  A big thanks to Victoria Ameel-Kovacs for sending this one in!

JFK was a duck in a barrel

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine ...

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main Street, minutes before the assassination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This phrase mixes “sitting duck” (someone vulnerable to an attack)  and “shooting fish in a barrel” (ridiculously easy).  A big thanks to Michael Ameel for hearing this one on a radio program recently about the Kennedy assassination.  An expert on the show indicated that JFK was an easy target, and blurted out this malaphor.   It is similar to the 1/16/13 entry, “It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel”.

It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel

This is a mash up of “shooting fish in a barrel” (easy action with guaranteed success) and “all your ducks in a row” (getting everything in order), submitted by a loyal follower, the TruroTattler.   Given the enormous amount of google hits, this is a common malaphor, as ducks appear to be as easy a target as fish.  Also shooting mechanical ducks in a penny arcade shooting gallery is certainly playing on the mind in this one.