JFK was a duck in a barrel

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine ...

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main Street, minutes before the assassination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This phrase mixes “sitting duck” (someone vulnerable to an attack)  and “shooting fish in a barrel” (ridiculously easy).  A big thanks to Michael Ameel for hearing this one on a radio program recently about the Kennedy assassination.  An expert on the show indicated that JFK was an easy target, and blurted out this malaphor.   It is similar to the 1/16/13 entry, “It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel”.

3 Comments on “JFK was a duck in a barrel”

  1. John Costello 2 says:

    Love this one. Always wondered where shooting fish in a barrel came from. Never seemed like it would be that easy.

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  2. Ron Marks says:

    Well Dave, it was this past Thursday I believe on the Today Show and I don’t recall her name but it was a lady giving advice on how women can network to get back into a career after being out of work for a long time. She gave an example of web ideas she gave a new business woman then said, “it will help you get your toe in the door” Your former colleague , Ron Marks

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