The top kahuna, Donald Trump

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman on MSNBC (Ari Melber’s show) uttered this gem, talking about Rudy Giuliani and the Ukrainians working for Trump.  It’s a mashup of “big kahuna” and “top dog”, both referring to a person in charge.  You can hear this one about 3 minutes into the video.  Link is:
This mixed idiom is similar to a similar malaphor posted a few years ago –  “head kahuna”, mixing once again “big kahuna” and this time “head honcho.
A big thank you to Frank King for hearing this one and passing it on.  He’s the top kahuna of malaphors! @nickakerman

He is the top of the notch

This one reminds me of “cream of the cake”.  The Master actually uttered this gem, which is a mixture of “top notch” and probably “top of the heap” or possibly “top dog”, all meaning the best.  It is also the name of a restaurant on top of Mt. Baldy near Los Angeles.