Top of the crop

This gem was seen on the sleeve of an Illy cup of coffee (see picture below).  While it may not be unintentional (Illy is an Italian coffee company, so who knows?) it was too good to pass up.  It is a conflation of “top of the heap” and “cream of the crop”, both meaning superior to others or the very best.  This one is similar to a malaphor posted a few years ago, “He is the top of the notch”.

A big thanks to Steve Grieme for spotting this one in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, and taking a picture of it!

We should be at the top of the pack

In an interview with the Reuters news agency, Trump said he would prefer a world free of nuclear weapons but otherwise the United States should be “at the top of the pack.”  The remarks came as Trump prepared to address the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
This is a nice congruent conflation of “top of the heap” and “leader of the pack”, both meaning to be the best in a group.  I am looking forward to a treasure trove of malaphors for the next four years.  A big thanks to Frank King for spotting this one and sending it in!
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He is the top of the notch

This one reminds me of “cream of the cake”.  The Master actually uttered this gem, which is a mixture of “top notch” and probably “top of the heap” or possibly “top dog”, all meaning the best.  It is also the name of a restaurant on top of Mt. Baldy near Los Angeles.