I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark

A double malaphor?  This beauty was said on a British show called “Tipping Point.” A contestant said “I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark.”  This is a triple conflation of “wild guess”, “take (or make) a stab”, and “a shot in the dark”, all meaning a guess with very little assurance of its accuracy.   Barry Eigen, who heard this, suggested that this was a double malaphor.  I did post “wild stab” (https://malaphors.com/2013/11/07/just-a-wild-stab/) in 2013, but this one does add “in the dark”, creating a double malaphor.  “A stab in the dark” is an accepted phrase, but adding the word “wild” to it makes it a juicy malaphor.  A big thanks to Barry Eigen for hearing his one in London town and passing it on!


Just a wild stab

Malaphors appear everywhere, and this one appeared as a response to one of my malaphor postings.  When I posted “I will not yield to a monkey court”,  my good friend and avid malaphor follower Laszlo Veres responded, “was he talking to his fellow Dems? (just a wild stab… wait…wow, I just invented a malaphor!”).   Wild stab is a mash up of “wild guess” and “take (or make) a stab”.   The unintentional malaphor response to a malaphor makes this one a particular favorite of mine!

It’s a crap in the dark

This is a mash up of “shot in the dark” (wild guess) and “a crap-shoot” (risky enterprise), resulting in a phrase obviously not intended.  This beauty was found in HomeRecording.com:

“This is just a crap in the dark, but have you tried disabling the drivers you don’t need in sonar?”