You walk that balance

Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neil Huntington on his pregame show was asked how he can juggle playing to win vs giving inexperienced players a chance to play. He answered, “You walk that balance.”  This is a combo of “walk that fine (or thin) line”  (balance two competing ideas or groups) and “balance (something) against (something else)”, meaning to compare two things, typically one positive and one negative. in order to make a decision).  This is a subtle but excellent conflation, as the two ideas involve competing ideas.  Also, the speaker may have been thinking of gym class, walking the balance beam in gymnastics class.  A shout out to Bob Marchinetti for hearing this one.

They aren’t clicking on all cylinders

English: Pittsburgh Pirates cap insignia

English: Pittsburgh Pirates cap insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An announcer from the Pittsburgh Pirates pre-game show last night (4/30/13)  said that while the
Pirates are doing well, “they aren’t clicking on all cylinders yet”.   This is a mash-up of “firing (or hitting) on all cylinders” (working at full strength) and  “clicking with (someone)” (understood by someone suddenly).   A malaphor salute to Mitchell Hoyson for sending this one in!