We’re firing on all wheels now!

This was uttered by a server at a restaurant after everyone ordered their food.  It is a mashup of “firing on all cylinders” (to operate at the greatest possible speed or efficiency”) and I think “put the wheels in motion” (get something started) given the context.  Wheels and cylinders are parts of a car, and probably that contributed to the mental mixup.  A big thanks to Steve Grieme who heard this one and sent it in.

They aren’t clicking on all cylinders

English: Pittsburgh Pirates cap insignia

English: Pittsburgh Pirates cap insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An announcer from the Pittsburgh Pirates pre-game show last night (4/30/13)  said that while the
Pirates are doing well, “they aren’t clicking on all cylinders yet”.   This is a mash-up of “firing (or hitting) on all cylinders” (working at full strength) and  “clicking with (someone)” (understood by someone suddenly).   A malaphor salute to Mitchell Hoyson for sending this one in!