We really knocked it over the top this year!

A speaker at a company conference was praising the company’s performance for the year.  This is a nice mash up of “knock it out of the park” (do something successfully or an outstanding achievement) and “over the top” (having gained more than one’s goal).   The phrase “knock it out of the park” seems to be a frequent source of malaphors.  I have previously posted such gems as “we really nailed it out of the park” https://malaphors.com/2015/08/18/we-really-nailed-it-out-of-the-park/, “they blew it out of the park” https://malaphors.com/2012/10/27/they-blew-it-out-of-the-park/, and “I need to knock it out of the box” https://malaphors.com/2014/07/21/i-need-to-knock-it-out-of-the-box/.   A big thanks to Rachel for hearing this one and passing it on!


Go over and beyond 4 this Lil dude

This nice malaphor was written by Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson on his Facebook page, relating his affection for his son.  It is a mash up of “above and beyond” and “over the top”, both meaning extreme or more than is required.  Idioms with direction words are commonly mixed.  Many thanks to Judy McLendon Knaub for spotting this one and passing it on!

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desean jackson

This clearly tops the cake

This beauty was spotted by Mike Browning in a local news channel website.  The Virginia Delegate Mark Keam was discussing predatory towing and uttered this malaphor.  It is a mash up of “it takes the cake” (extreme example, usually bad) and “over the top” (extremely overdone).   A cake topping also comes to mind.  Here is the link to the quote:  http://www.wjla.com/articles/2015/04/predatory-towing-in-the-dmv-gone-in-60-seconds-113447.html.  Thanks Mike for this one!

Elephant poaching is over the roof

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in Pitts...

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in Pittsburgh Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This malaphor combines two expressions concerning high numbers –  “through the roof” (increasing very quickly) and “over the top”.  Barbara Baker, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo, made this comment in reference to the increase in elephant poaching.  Many thanks to Sam Edelmann who heard this on the radio last week.