This hotel needs a faceover

Okay, I admit saying this one.  While visiting Miami on business this week, I remarked to a colleague that the hotel I was staying in was very nice but was showing its age, and then blurted the above.  I  silently screamed Malaphor!  and immediately wrote it down.  As you know, the best malaphors are quickly forgotten because of their subtlety.   Faceover is a one word blend of “facelift” and “makeover”, both indicating improved cosmetic changes.   I actually like the word faceover as it is a good description of any rehab project.  I would encourage everyone to start using it.  Now if the subject matter was a hockey arena, it might be a triple blend with faceoff in the mix….

He made a split minute decision

This is another word blend malaphor, mixing “split second decision” (immediately) and “at the last minute”  (deciding something at the last opportunity).  As I get older, I seem to be making more of these kinds of decisions.