It’s sometimes not up to Hoyle

A reviewer was describing a new form and this malaphor was born.  It is a congruent conflation of “according to Hoyle” and “up to snuff”, both expressions meaning something that is to acceptable standards or rules.  The phrase “according to Hoyle” refers to 17th-Century British writer Edmond Hoyle, who wrote extensively on the rules of card games.  A big thanks to Mary Webster for sharing this one.

Everything’s up to snuff in Kansas City

Okay, you’re all saying – this is not a malaphor!  I contend it is, and since I am the Malaphor King, I choose to post it.  The mix comes from the title of a song in the broadway musical “Oklahoma!” – “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City” – and the phrase “up to snuff” (as good as required).   This was uttered by a guy in the theater business (makes sense).  Thanks to Sam Edelmann for passing this one along!