I need to clear my chest

This one was heard on the TLC t.v. show, “My 600 lb. Life”.  In context, it is a congruent conflation of “clear the air” and “get it off my chest”, both meaning to discuss or otherwise confront a troubling situation.   Certainly weighing 600 pounds could be a troubling situation.  Of course, taken literally, one may want to try a steam shower or an inhaler for really nasty chest congestion.   A big thank you to regular malaphor contributor Mike Kovacs!

She called me every name under the book

This was uttered by Rebecca on the TLC t.v. show “Return to Amish”.   It is a nice congruent conflation of “every name under the sun”  and “every name in the book”, both meaning calling someone almost every name you can imagine.   A tip of the hat to Vicki Kovacs for hearing this one.  Mike, her husband, asked if this was the first Amish malaphor posted and I believe it is.  Congrats Mike!

This malaphor came from the television world.  An entire chapter of my book “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors” is devoted to malaphors found in television.  The book is available on Amazon for an inexpensive $6.99!  Cheap thrills indeed.

We have to take the punches as they come

This malaphor was spoken by Jeremy Roloff on Season 10, Episode 2 of the TLC program “Little People, Big World.” He was referring to the challenge of eventually taking control of the family pumpkin farm and business in the face of his parents’ divorce.  I believe this is a congruent conflation of “roll with the punches”  and “take it as it comes”, both meaning to adjust to difficult events as they happen.  This gem was caught by the Vice President of Malaphor Hunters (ViPMaH) Mike Kovacs.  Thanks ViPMaH!

jeremy roloff