We have to take the punches as they come

This malaphor was spoken by Jeremy Roloff on Season 10, Episode 2 of the TLC program “Little People, Big World.” He was referring to the challenge of eventually taking control of the family pumpkin farm and business in the face of his parents’ divorce.  I believe this is a congruent conflation of “roll with the punches”  and “take it as it comes”, both meaning to adjust to difficult events as they happen.  This gem was caught by the Vice President of Malaphor Hunters (ViPMaH) Mike Kovacs.  Thanks ViPMaH!

jeremy roloff


One Comment on “We have to take the punches as they come”

  1. I lived near the Roloff’s in rural Oregon for some time and learned a few things. To put it lightly, they were not beloved among their neighbors. In fact, their van was often seen in a ditch or against someone’s tree after Matt drunk-parked it there. They were nasty in public and mean to their neighborhood. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a single kind word spoken about them.

    I’ve since moved into town and only travel back to that area to visit friends a few times a year but the pumpkin farm signs still appear at road intersections every fall. I guess the farm, at least, is still a going concern.

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