Parents should stick to their ground involving kids’ names

I guess that means names like Sandy and Muddy?  This was spotted on Quora, an internet platform to ask questions and get answers.  It is a great congruent conflation of “stick to your guns” and “hold/stand your ground”, both meaning to refuse to yield or compromise.  “Ground” and “guns” both start with a G and have a similar sound, hence the mental mix up.  A big thanks to Margaret Grover who spotted this one and sent it in!

Stick with your guts and get it done

This one is hot off the press, having been uttered in last night’s GOP debate by Governor John Kasich.  It is a mash up of “stick to your guns” (remain firm in your convictions) and “go with your gut” (trust your feelings when making a decision).  The similar sounding words “guts” and “guns” probably contributed to the confusion.  Also food sometimes “sticks to your ribs” and so stick and guts might seem to go together.  A big thanks to Steve Grieme for hearing this one and passing it on in real Malaphor time.