They are not putting all their marbles in one basket

This one is from the ESPN show “Pardon the Interruption” (PTI).  There was a discussion about the Lakers and LeBron James’ free agency. Michael Wilbon reported that Magic Johnson [the Lakers’ director of basketball operations] stated that they are not putting all their marbles in one basket. Even Tony Kornheiser then pointed out to Michael that it should have been eggs, not marbles.  This is a nice conflation of “for all the marbles” (all the winnings, spoils, or rewards) and “put all your eggs in one basket” (to invest all of one’s energy in a single venture).  Marbles resemble eggs and vice versa so this is probably the reason for the mix up.  A big thanks to Gerry Abbott for hearing this one and sending it in.

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Too many eggs spoil the soup

The speaker was talking about limiting the number of people doing a particular function so it could work better.  This appears to be a mix of “too many cooks spoil the broth” (too many people involved in an activity can ruin it) and “put all your eggs in one basket” (make everything dependent on one thing).   Soup is also broth so I think that is where the word broth comes from.  There is also egg soup which the speaker may have been thinking about.  He may also have been simultaneously thinking how all the people involved were good eggs.   A big thank you to Susan Edwards for hearing this one!