She’s lying out of her teeth

This one was uttered by a guy accused of shooting a woman in the face with a crossbow.  Heard on a Memphis local news network, WREG.  Here’s the video:

Man accused of shooting woman in face with crossbow denies claims: ‘She’s lying out of her teeth’

This is a conflation of “lying through (one’s) teeth” (to lie brazenly) and “out of (one’s) mind” (crazy).  Or is it possible she had dentures?  A big thanks to Lou Pugliese for hearing this one and sending it in.

He was drunk out of his ass

I love this one.  This was overheard outside a bar.  It is a mashup of “drunk off his ass” (very intoxicated) and “out of his mind” (crazy).  Crazy drunk?  Upside down?  A big thanks to Anthony Kovacs for hearing this one and sending it in!