She’s lying out of her teeth

This one was uttered by a guy accused of shooting a woman in the face with a crossbow.  Heard on a Memphis local news network, WREG.  Here’s the video:

Man accused of shooting woman in face with crossbow denies claims: ‘She’s lying out of her teeth’

This is a conflation of “lying through (one’s) teeth” (to lie brazenly) and “out of (one’s) mind” (crazy).  Or is it possible she had dentures?  A big thanks to Lou Pugliese for hearing this one and sending it in.


2 Comments on “She’s lying out of her teeth”

  1. Barry Eigen says:

    I overheard this complicated one at a restaurant yesterday. A kind of blowhard grad student was telling his dining companion about how he adjusted when he was at Harvard. Eventually, he said: “By my junior year, I finally found my click.” Possibilities for mashups here, I think, are “found my way,” “found my voice” + “it all clicked into place,” “it finally clicked.”

  2. davemalaphor says:

    Or maybe he was saying clique? In which case, it’s not a malaphor.

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