Let’s get to the chase

This nice, subtle malaphor was spoken by Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil during her guest appearance on The Howard Stern show, talking about her love for Stern Show staff member Sal Governale.  It is a congruent conflation of  “cut to the chase” and “get to the point”, both meaning to abandon the preliminaries and focus on what is important.  A big shout out to Mike “the Malaphor Slayer” Kovacs for hearing this one and passing it on.

The humidity was off the roof

This nice congruent conflation is a mash up of “off the charts” and “through the roof”, both meaning much more than usual.  It was heard on The Howard Stern show, uttered by that long-time caller to the program, Bobo.   He was describing the climate in Florida.  Many thanks to now Senior Vice President of Malaphors Mike Kovacs for hearing this one on the radio last week and passing it on.


You knew that you struck lightning

This is a nice mash up of “lightning strikes” and “struck gold”, the latter meaning to hit it big.   This gem was heard on the Howard Stern show this morning during an interview with Dan Rather.  Stern asked Rather about the 1968 Democratic Convention where he was physically assaulted on camera.  Rather continued to report on the story despite the assault.  Stern said to Rather, “you knew that you struck lightning.”  Rather then repeated the malaphor as he continued discussing the incident.   A big thanks to Mike Kovacs for spotting this one!

Howard Stern Radio Personality Howard Stern attends an

Do the science

Malaphor follower Mike K.  heard this one on the Howard Stern show a few days ago.  A 9/11 conspiracist, taking about the unlikelihood of the “third tower” collapsing at 5pm on 9/11, said “Do the science…”  This is probably a mix up of “do the math” (figure it out) and “down to a science” (exactly), but then the caller might be just mixing up his school courses.