That was your hip reaction

An employee recalled a decision his employer had made and uttered this nice mash up of “shooting from the hip” (to react quickly without thinking of the consequences) and “gut reaction” (a reaction to a situation based on feelings rather than a logical analysis). Both phrases involve an instinctual reaction rather than a carefully thought out one.  Also gut and hip are three letter words, and are anatomical words as well, perhaps adding to the confusion.  Then again, maybe the employer is just a real “hip” guy and reacts in an informed or in the know way?  Thanks to Steve Grieme, Super Malaphor Hunter, for hearing this one and sharing it!

If you had a hip reaction to this post, you might want to read the book on malaphors, “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors”, available on Amazon.  It’s a real page burner!

I was going to shoot from the gut

This gem was said in reaction to helping a family friend, and the speaker wanted to be as spontaneous as possible.  It is a blend of two phrases, “shoot from the hip”, and “a gut reaction”, both relating to doing or saying something quickly, or immediately responding.  Of course, shooting from the gut also occurs after too much partying.  A big thank you to Nate Brogin for uttering this one and passing it on!