That was your hip reaction

An employee recalled a decision his employer had made and uttered this nice mash up of “shooting from the hip” (to react quickly without thinking of the consequences) and “gut reaction” (a reaction to a situation based on feelings rather than a logical analysis). Both phrases involve an instinctual reaction rather than a carefully thought out one.  Also gut and hip are three letter words, and are anatomical words as well, perhaps adding to the confusion.  Then again, maybe the employer is just a real “hip” guy and reacts in an informed or in the know way?  Thanks to Steve Grieme, Super Malaphor Hunter, for hearing this one and sharing it!

If you had a hip reaction to this post, you might want to read the book on malaphors, “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors”, available on Amazon.  It’s a real page burner!


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