We can’t keep kicking this issue down the can

I know it’s similar to other posts regarding malaphors on the idiom, “kick the can down the road”, but this one was again uttered in the political world and I can’t pass it up.  This time it is Bernie Sanders, appearing on the Andrea Mitchell show on MSNBC, talking about the DACA impasse between Congress and the president.  A big thanks to Mike Browning for spotting this one.


He just let the cat out of the box

This is a great mashup uttered by Senator Bernie Sanders regarding a comment made by Senator Pat Toomey.  The video is below, but in short, Sen. Sanders asked if Toomey would pledge not to cut Social Security and Medicare and Toomey responded, “I will not cut benefits on people who are on it right now”.  Sanders responded that Toomey “Just let the cat out of the box”.  It is a mix of “out of the box” (a product that can be used immediately) and “let the cat out of the bag” (to reveal a secret by accident).  Of course a “cat box” may have been on Sanders’ mind as he was articulating his disdain for the proposed Republican tax bill.  The malaphor appears about half way through the clip.  A big thanks to Susan Ameel for hearing this one!