These folks are trying to advance this niche of the pie

A subtle but proper malaphor, this is a mash up of “carve out a niche” (supplying a product for a particular segment of the market) and “a piece of the pie” (a share of something).  The mind might be visualizing carving a pie and hence the mix up.  Also both expressions concern a focus on a small part of a greater whole.  I think the next time I order dessert I will ask for a niche of pie, and see what reaction I get.  If the waiter quickly writes down the expression I will know the malaphor love is spreading.  A big thanks to Martin Pietrucha for hearing this one and sharing it with malaphor central.

Description Pumpkin-Pie-Whole-Slice.jpg


A bigger piece of the pot

I think this is a mash up of “bigger piece of the pie” (share of something) and “sweeten the pot” (make something more desirable).  Pie and pot are three letter words starting with p, increasing the confusion.  Also in poker the pot is the collection of money to be won, often being divided in card games so that one may get a “share” of the pot.   Thanks to Martin Pietrucha who heard this in a presentation.

It’s as easy as falling off a piece of cake

English: Wedding cake

English: Wedding cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a mash up of “it’s as easy as falling off a log”, “easy as pie”, and “it’s a piece of cake”, all meaning something very easy.   This is a great example of a congruent malaphor, when two or more root expressions have the same or similar meaning.  These kinds of malaphors are almost always understood by the listener because the idioms express the same thought.