These folks are trying to advance this niche of the pie

A subtle but proper malaphor, this is a mash up of “carve out a niche” (supplying a product for a particular segment of the market) and “a piece of the pie” (a share of something).  The mind might be visualizing carving a pie and hence the mix up.  Also both expressions concern a focus on a small part of a greater whole.  I think the next time I order dessert I will ask for a niche of pie, and see what reaction I get.  If the waiter quickly writes down the expression I will know the malaphor love is spreading.  A big thanks to Martin Pietrucha for hearing this one and sharing it with malaphor central.

Description Pumpkin-Pie-Whole-Slice.jpg



2 Comments on “These folks are trying to advance this niche of the pie”

  1. GC Oetter says:

    Dave, it’s not Atlas…you support the globe with attention to the endless adjustments of our language. Well done!

    I saw this today and, though it will go unadorned with the malaphor fame, a laid-off Copy Editor probably nods her head and says “Told you so”. I knew you might like it:

    “While Bibb schools bring in new leaders and increase professional development, teachers face a learning curb as a new state test is rolled out this spring”.

    Is that like a lid on smarts, or you really can’t eat all you can eat?

    Best Wishes.


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