I fall asleep at the drop of a dime

This wonderful congruent conflation is a mash up of  “at the drop of a hat” and “stop on a dime”, both meaning an action done instantly.  Drop and stop are four letter words that rhyme, adding to the befuddlement.  This beauty was heard at a court hearing.  Kudos to Sam Edelmann for sending this one into Malaphor central!

I don’t want to toot my own hat

English: Photo of Mayor Jean Quan from her 201...

English: Photo of Mayor Jean Quan from her 2010 Campaign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This malaphor was spoken by Jean Quan, the mayor of Oakland, and appeared in the October 2012 issue of San Francisco Magazine.  She meant to say “toot my own horn” (brag), and I think mixed that up with “take my hat off” (pay respect to someone or brag on them), but it could be just a mix up of the visual at a birthday party with party hats and horns.  “Feather in one’s cap” also comes to mind, as well as “tip my hand”.   Any other suggestions out there would be welcome.  A tip of the toque to Mike Kovacs for spotting this one.

He’ll do anything at the drop of a bucket


I think the brain twists drop and kick together and comes up with this excellent malaphor.   I have heard this one several times so the synapse must be weak….