I don’t know what kinda gun she’s been smoking

Okay.  Yes, this was actually unintentionally said on the Maury show last week.  Husband was being accused of kissing his wife’s girlfriend and having an affair behind her back.  The husband denied the accusation and said this malaphor about his wife to Maury.  This is a mash up of “smoking gun” (indisputable sign of guilt) and “what have you been smoking?” (rhetorical question implying that the person is acting strange).  There may be a freudian element here, as the husband might be admitting guilt through the use of a malaphor.  Or maybe I am reading into this more than I should.  A big thank you to John Hatfield for hearing this one!

He smokes like a fish


“The Master” sputtered this observation during a heated bowling match, and after several gin and tonics.  It is a brilliant malaphor, mixing two common idioms – smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish – with the ingenious result of smoked fish.