I haven’t heard hide nor hair of that guy

Hearing and seeing are two different things.  But in the malaphor world, they are the same.  This alliterative mixup was heard on the Rachel Maddow Show.  She was discussing the Michael Flynn affair, and about an FSB agent who was charged with treason but very little news since the charge.  The transcript of the show can be found here: http://www.msnbc.com/transcripts/rachel-maddow-show/2017-03-03

This is a mashup of “not seen hide nor hair of someone” (haven’t seen someone or something in a long time) and “have not heard a peep” (haven’t heard anything).  Personally, the only time I hear hair is when it is squeaky clean.  A shout out to comedian Frank King for hearing this one and passing it on.

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