She will probably saute down about 10 o’clock

This was said when a couple thought they would see another colleague.  At first I thought it was a malaprop and not a malaphor, as the speaker was replacing sashay with saute.  But since the word “down” was used, which is commonly coupled with ‘saunter”, I am convinced it is a word blend of “sashay” (walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner) and “saunter” (walk in a slow, relaxed manner), although saute is an actual word and word blends are more like portmanteaus – see explanation of the difference between a portmanteau and a single word malaphor –  A big thanks to Kevin Ross for hearing this one and passing it on!


One Comment on “She will probably saute down about 10 o’clock”

  1. Andy Wakshul says:

    This is why God made Unguentine!

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