You can’t change back the clocks

In an interview on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy, Cameron Diaz was referencing growing old gracefully and said ” you can’t change back the clocks”.

This is a nice congruent conflation of  “can’t change the past” and “can’t turn back the clock”, both meaning that you can’t make things the same as they were in an earlier time.   The phrase “change the clock” is often used when switching to daylight savings time and vice versa, so this might have been in the speaker’s mind.  A big thanks to Vicki Kovacs for hearing this one!



One Comment on “You can’t change back the clocks”

  1. Bob Marchinetti says:

    The NFL Network did a segment on Bengal’s DE Carlos Dunlap and his preparation for the Thursday night game vs Miami. In explaining the importance of getting to the QB, Dunlap said, “That’s the key to the head of the snake.”

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