That’s the crème de le résistance

At CNN’s Democrat Town Hall last February, Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton about her relationship with her grandchild, and she replied with this wonderful malaphor.  This is a congruent conflation of “crème de la crème” and “pièce de rèsistance”, both meaning the very best or most important.  This mash up was retweeted a lot, and some of the more clever ones were:

“Creme de resistance” is halfway between a latte macchiato and a flat white – Jon Lovett

The Creme de Resistance was DeGaulle’s favorite baked good – Ronald Seyb

I think we just found Hillary’s @benandjerrys flavor: “Creme de Resistance” – Caroline Haubold

For more on this, you can check this link:

A big merci to Steve Grieme for hearing this one and passing it on.

hillary clinton


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