He was trying to woo her over

This is a mash up of “woo her” (to seek the affection of someone) and “win her over” (to succeed in making someone favorable to something).  Perhaps “pull the wool over her eyes” (to deceive someone) is also in the muddled brain mix.  This is one I uttered a couple of days ago that my wife caught.  As with all good malaphors, they are quickly forgotten, so I wrote it down immediately.

One Comment on “He was trying to woo her over”

  1. jcosjunk@gmail.com says:

    Dave, I inadvertently uttered this last week after a long day of cycling, “I slept like a dog last night.” Others caught it immediately and said I never heard that one. They’re right. It’s a mash up of slept like a log or slept like a baby and let sleeping dogs lie. I think that’s what I was thinking at the time. John.

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