Throw it under the rug

This mixed idiom was heard on NPR this morning in a story about the Catholic Church.   This is a mixture of “sweep it under the rug (or carpet)” (hide or ignore something) and “throw him under the bus” (sacrifice someone for personal gain).   It is similar to the 12/23/12 malaphor posting “brush it under the rug”.   The confusion seems to lie in action words such as sweep, brush, and throw.  Of course, many of us have thrown a few items under the rug when company came unannounced.  Thanks Lauren for sending in this gem!

2 Comments on “Throw it under the rug”

  1. fanagram says:

    Also related to “throw him under the bus”.

  2. Ian James says:

    The free online textbook was C programming, “The C Book” uses this malaphor in the very beginning of Chapter 2.

    Also the song “The Middle” by DJ Snake:

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