She’s going to kick some dust off the tires

CNN studio

CNN studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hillary Clinton that is.   This malaphor was spoken by CNN political reporter Peter Hamby when discussing the Hillary campaign speech in the Virginia governor‘s race.  It is a mash up of “kick the tires” (to test something) and I think “when the dust settles” (waiting for things to calm down), although “bite the dust” (to die) might be in the mix as well.   Certainly tires cause lots of dust so hence the confusion.  A big thanks to Steve Grieme for hearing this one and sending it in.


Throw it under the rug

This mixed idiom was heard on NPR this morning in a story about the Catholic Church.   This is a mixture of “sweep it under the rug (or carpet)” (hide or ignore something) and “throw him under the bus” (sacrifice someone for personal gain).   It is similar to the 12/23/12 malaphor posting “brush it under the rug”.   The confusion seems to lie in action words such as sweep, brush, and throw.  Of course, many of us have thrown a few items under the rug when company came unannounced.  Thanks Lauren for sending in this gem!