That’s the icing on the iceberg

Flipping through the AM stations, Paul Kaufman heard this gem.  It is a nice mashup of “tip of the iceberg” (small portion of something much larger and complex that cannot yet be seen or understood) and “icing on the cake” (an extra enhancement).  In this age of a heating planet,  we could stand to have some more icing on our icebergs.  Thanks to Paul Kaufman for hearing this one and sharing it!

We are only seeing one side of this iceberg

Marykathryn has done it again.  She was discussing a very contentious legal case with her husband.  The more they dug the more they found out about their client.  She finally turned to her husband and said,  ” Honey, we are only seeing one side of this iceberg”.   This is a mash up of “the tip of the iceberg” (a small part of something much larger) and I think “the dark side (of someone)” (the negative and hidden aspect of someone), given the context.   This is the second malaphor referring to icebergs.  See “we’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg” (9/19/13).   A big thank you to Marykathryn Kopec who keeps giving me material!

We barely scratched the tip of the iceberg

This congruent malaphor is a mix of “barely scratching the surface” and “tip of the iceberg”,  both referring to the beginning of a much larger issue or problem.   Here is an example

in context:

In closing, the recession is hard but that is not to say that survival is impossible, but you will have to be more creative with your money especially if you are a family at a budget. Of course, these tips only scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial planning and frugality. If you’ve already done these tips and are finding you need additional help, then never underestimate the power of a reasonable and well-thought-out budget. (from the article, Top 5 Ways for families to survive the Recession –

English: Iceberg around Cape York, Greenland

English: Iceberg around Cape York, Greenland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)