We barely scratched the tip of the iceberg

This congruent malaphor is a mix of “barely scratching the surface” and “tip of the iceberg”,  both referring to the beginning of a much larger issue or problem.   Here is an example

in context:

In closing, the recession is hard but that is not to say that survival is impossible, but you will have to be more creative with your money especially if you are a family at a budget. Of course, these tips only scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial planning and frugality. If you’ve already done these tips and are finding you need additional help, then never underestimate the power of a reasonable and well-thought-out budget. (from the article, Top 5 Ways for families to survive the Recession – http://voices.yahoo.com/top-5-ways-families-survive-recession-8644177.html?cat=25).

English: Iceberg around Cape York, Greenland

English: Iceberg around Cape York, Greenland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The phones have been ringing off the wall!

I heard this one on tv during a PBS fundraiser several years ago.  As with any good malaphor, I had to write it down immediately or I would have forgotten it.  This is a combination of “ringing off the hook” and “off the wall”.   It probably was said by someone my age or older, people who grew up with landline phones and where at least one phone was on the wall, usually the kitchen.    The phones at that telethon were not on the wall, however.