Michael Cohen is in hot soup

This subtle malaphor was found at Slate.com.  Here is the full quote: “That might seem like a pretty shaky defense, even if Cohen really used his home equity line to get the funds as he claims, but it turns out to be no defense at all. Cohen should be in hot soup either way.” https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/03/if-michael-cohen-is-telling-the-truth-about-his-stormy-daniels-payment-he-can-be-disbarred.html

“In hot soup” is a congruent conflation of “in hot water” and “in the soup”, both meaning to be in trouble.  Perhaps this conflation means the person in question is REALLY in trouble.  The mix stems from the liquids “water” and “soup”.   Soup can be served hot or cold, but in this case it is scorching hot.  A tip of the hat to Barry Eigen for spotting this gem.

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