How many cracks at the apple is this guy going to get?

This one was overheard in a conversation between a lawyer and the judge in a court proceeding.   This is a nice congruent conflation of “a second bite of the apple” and “cracks at the bat”, both meaning additional opportunities.  “Take a crack at (something)” (an attempt) is probably also in the mix.  Perhaps the speaker was thinking of William Tell or maybe a pinata party.  Kudos to Matin Pietrucha who heard this one and sent it in.

Another shot at the apple

I heard this one from a good friend while he was teaching.  He told the student, after answering the question incorrectly, “I’ll give you another shot at the apple.”   This is a mash up of  “another shot” and “a second bite at the apple”, both meaning a second try or chance.  My guess is that the speaker, at the moment he said the malaphor, also had a mental picture of William Tell.  Who knows what lurks in the subconscious?