He pulled the rug over their eyes

This perfectly formed malaphor was overheard in a discussion at work.  It is a mash up of two similar sounding idioms – “pull the wool over his eyes” (to deceive someone) and “pull the rug (out) from under him” (suddenly take away help or support from someone).  Both phrases have the word “pull” in them, and both have direction – over and under.  Also adding to the mix is the combination of wool and rug – a wool rug.  This is the mirror image of  “he pulled the wool out from under me”, posted on March 21, 2015 ( https://malaphors.com/2015/03/21/he-pulled-the-wool-out-from-under-me/).  A tip of the hat to Joel Ringer for hearing this one and passing it on!  If you liked this one get the book on malaphors!  He Smokes Like a Fish is available on Amazon for cheap – 6.99! A mocha latte is more than that and not half as fun with more calories.  Here’s the link – http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692652205

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