I put my motivation on the back seat

This jumble was spoken by someone who was relating that she had no been motivated in the past but was now ready to move forward.  It is a mashup of “on the back burner” (postponed or suspended) and “take a back seat” (occupy an inferior position; allow another to be in control).  Both idioms contain the word “back”, causing I suspect the confusion.  Not sure I have left my motivation on the back seat of the car, but certainly my wallet and sunglasses.  A big thanks to Lynn Hannula Johnson for hearing this one and sending it in.

She’s got a new project on the fire

This malaphor was spoken on Entertainment Tonight. It is a mash up of “iron(s) in the fire” (an undertaking or project in progress) and a project “on the front burner” (receiving immediate attention), although “on the back burner” (not requiring immediate attention) might be in the mix if the project is not quite “on the fire”.  “On fire” (doing very well, enthusiastic) may also be in play if the project is really heating up. Burners are associated with fire so my guess is that this where the mix-up occurred in the brain. Many thanks to Jack Chandler for hearing this one and passing it on.