Ask someone a simple question and they jump down your ass on Facebook

This beauty was uttered in response to an article someone shared on Facebook that had a virus attached.  “Good grief… ask someone a simple question and they jump down your ass on Facebook. Just asked if they read article cause I got virus when I opened article.. … Some people need manners!”  I couldn’t agree more.  This is a mashup of  “jumping down (someone’s) throat” (reprimand or strongly criticize) and “get off my ass” (leave me alone or stop following me).  nagging, harassing, badgering).  Body parts are often confused, leading to malaphors such as this one.  The throat and ass have previously been confused – see  Also, the shoulder and ass –  Directions also are frequently confused.  Up and down seems to be another issue in this malaphor – “up your ass” and “down your throat”.  Anyway, a nice indictment of social media and a great malaphor.  A big thanks to Julie Milne for sending this one in and to her friend Jennifer for saying it!

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