It’s music to my eyes

The exact quote is “any fine gold in there would be music to my eyes”, recently heard on the show “Gold Rush” last Sunday.   Given the context, the mash up is  “music to my ears” (make someone happy) and “a sight for sore eyes” (a welcome sight), both describing the speaker’s emotions.   As we have learned,  mixing body parts is common in malaphors.  A big shout out to Michael Ameel for hearing (and seeing) this one!


You can’t pull one over on my eyes

This malaphor seems very straightforward – a blend of “put one over on me” and “pull the wool over my eyes”.  Both idioms mean “to be fooled” and both contain the word “over”, hence the confusion.  The word “pullover” also might have been jumbled in the subconscious as in a “pullover sweater” which of course goes over the eyes.  In blending both idioms,  the speaker was undoubtedly trying to be particularly emphatic about not being tricked!