It’s as easy as cake

This is a perfect congruent conflation of “easy as pie” and “it’s a piece of cake”, both meaning a very easy task or accomplishment.  Cakes and pies seem to be easily muddled in one’s mind, as can be seen in earlier posts containing pies and cakes (see, e.g, and  “It’s a cakewalk” might also be in the mix, again meaning something easy.  A tip of the hat to John Kooser for uttering this one and immediately sending it in! (malaphor rule #1 is write it down immediately after hearing or saying the malaphor as you will quickly forget it).

It’s not a cake in the walk

A coworker left instructions to a friend for a difficult work task, and another coworker uttered this nice mixed idiom.  It is a congruent conflation (the best kind of malaphor) of “a walk in the park” and “cakewalk”, both describing something that is easy to do or accomplish.  Just be sure to not let the cake out in the rain.  A big thanks to Josh Berry for hearing this one and passing it on!

If you want an entire book of malaphors, it’s easy to get!  Just go to Amazon and type “He Smokes Like a Fish and other Malaphors”.  It’s a cake in the walk.  And cheap.