We have to hit the deck running

Is this like boots on the ground?  Not sure, but it was said on Fox News, so perhaps.  This is a mash up of “hit the deck” (to fall down) and “hit the ground running” (start immediately).  I suppose it is an appropriate phrase if on a ship, as the deck is the ground.  However, in context it was certainly a malaphor.  Running deck, as found on cruise ships, might also be in the speaker’s mind.  A shout out to Jack Chandler for hearing this one and passing it along.

We keep our eyes to the ground

This is a mix of “keep an ear to the ground” (alert and listening for clues) and “keep your eyes wide open (or peeled)” (vigilant and watchful).  This subtle conflation was heard on Bloomberg news:
Question from interviewer:  how do you have such success picking funds?
Ans:  we keep our eyes to the ground.
The speaker quickly corrected himself and said: “We keep our ears to the ground and look ahead.”  Self caught malaphor.  Nice.  A big thank you to John Costello for hearing this one.