That was a mind changing experience

This is a mash up of “life changing” and “mind blowing”, both referring to powerful experiences.  Big thanks to Elly Pietrucha for sending this one in to Malaphor Central.

They played out of their heads

Another malaphor from the sports world.   A tv sports commentator uttered this one when describing an underdog basketball team.  This is a mash up of “out of their minds” and “over their heads”, both describing a team that played beyond expectations.  NCAA cinderella team perhaps?

Athletics logo

Athletics logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It caught my mind

I heard this one from Senator Jon Tester of Montana on the Bill Maher show this week.   It is a mash up of “caught my eye” and I think “bring to mind”, both meaning to cause one to think of someone or something.   The words mind and eye sound similar and are both located in the head, perhaps adding to the conflation.  I like this one as it is subtle and still descriptive of the thought.