This wait is mind-racking

This nice word blend malaphor was heard on the t.v. show Hell’s Kitchen.  Chef Ramsey was about to make his decision on the winner. As suspense was building, one of the contestants said “This wait is mind racking”.  This is a mash up of “mind-blowing” (overwhelming or astounding) and “nerve-racking” (very distressing or exhausting).  My guess is that the speaker was also thinking of “racking my brain” (to try very hard to think of something), something few do today thanks to Google.   Kudos to John and Heather Hatfield for hearing this one and sending it into Malaphor Central!

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It was mind shattering

This word blend malaphor was heard on the Mark Madden sports show when he was interviewing NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire. The night before, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins had an incredible goal against the Dallas Stars where he tried to bank a shot off their goalie, got the rebound from the back side of the goalie in mid-air and scored a goal. Pierre said Sid’s play was “mind shattering.”  This is a word blend of “mind blowing” and “earth shattering”, both meaning shock or surprise.  This one is said often, based on Google hits, and perhaps has crept into the English lexicon, but I still believe it is a malaphor.  It certainly is better than “earth blowing”.  Kudos to Michael Ameel for hearing this one and passing it on!

That was a mind changing experience

This is a mash up of “life changing” and “mind blowing”, both referring to powerful experiences.  Big thanks to Elly Pietrucha for sending this one in to Malaphor Central.